A copse in evening sunlight
A country lane in Autumn

I Have Come to say, Farewell, Ann

I have come to say farewell, Ann
Until we meet again, my love,
The spring sunshine is so bright, Ann
It warms this old-man's heart,
The fields are bursting with springtime
With colour and birdsong, too,
So I have come to say, farewell, Ann
Until my own time has come,
I shall sit beside you a while, Ann
In this beautiful morning sun.

Sure, we both sat here, together, Ann
All those years ago, remember,
The fields were still as green, Ann
The seasons were just as slow.
That first morning when I saw you
Bringing cheese and bread,
Just a simple lunch for a labouring man,
A feast, that's what you said.

Remember Robbie, at the dance, Ann
When he offered his hand, to you.
He had come a'courting, like me, Ann
To pledge his love, so true.
But it all ended in a fight, Ann
Till we shook hands, and saw it right,
And you and I made a tryst to meet,
In our glade, at Abernyte.

Poor Robbie went to Normandy, Ann
Tinker Robbie, that red-headed bairn,
He found a resting place, forever, Ann
Now his name's upon the cairn.
The cairn of remembrance, Ann
It's long shadows reflect the light,
Now that laddie sleeps, forever, Ann,
Far away from Abernyte.

A shy young girl you were, Ann
And as bright as any star,
My heart and my soul, forever, Ann
That's what you were, and what you are.
The season changed to summer,
To the church where we were wed,
And the little cottage, at Abernyte
And that beautiful feather-bed.
Night scented stock, too, Ann
These memories are as fresh as dew,
Until the seasons end, Ann
I'll be in love with you.

Our children are grown and gone, Ann
Now far from our humble hearth,
They have taken our name and pride, Ann
To every corner of this Earth.
Though we will always walk with them,
A simple labourer, and his love,
They will know we are beside them,
When they see the stars above.

And when my time has come, Ann
Wait for me, by the glade,
We shall walk that last road, together
To our final place, we made.
We will become a part of the seasons
Through summer, winter and spring,
We shall blossom with the flowers
As the chirtling songbirds sing.

I shall meet you at the glade, Ann
This promise, I will keep,
As the world turns in it's orbit,
Now I lay you down, to sleep.

For a Ploughman, and his love.