Hyderabad Ship SS Hyderabad.
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Mother Angus

My name is Mother Angus,
Old Mother Angus, they call me,
They said I was a witch
And the future I could see.
Sure, I made some pennies at Inchture
Fair Reading palms and casting spells,
And blessed the lassies, desperate to hear
The sound of wedding bells.

I took in her bairn, the tinker lass
That her man, he brought to me,
A Bonnie bairn with wild-red hair
That she would never see.
We followed the cart to the pauper's grave
And the Minister said a prayer,
And the tinker wept for his wife and bairn
As if the world could care.

As the seasons changed he always came
With some gifts and coin for me,
And held his son and blessed his name
And bounced him on his knee.
An honest loon in a threadbare coat
But as proud as any king,
When the sun rises hot, over Seemas hill
I still can hear him sing.

My only child ran away from home
To be a sailor-lad.
They said he perished, in a storm
On a ship, called Hyderabad.
I looked, every day, to the end of the road
Hopeful, that I might see
That bonny lad, the sailor bold
Coming home to me.
But he is gone, like the tinker's song
A memory now, in dreams
This old mother's heart, will take your part
At the end of all your schemes.

As constant as The Northern Star
That is a mother's love,
It will guide you home, again
Johhny, just watch the stars, above.
You will see then, the Ploughman
And he will guide you home, aye
Over the wildest ocean, Johhny
And never more to roam.

For Mother Angus of Abernyte