The Hermitage Bridge, Dunkeld The Hermitage Bridge, Dunkeld.
The Hermitage The Hermitage and Ossian's Hall.
Photograph courtesy of Eric Niven

A Tinker's Farewell

Black raven, high above me
Soaring above the world, below,
Do you care at all, do you see me
Will you notice, when I go.

For you know nothing, of my heartache
My sense of aloneness, of solitude,
I prayed for peace, until the dawning
I longed for peace, as if I could.

There will be other dawns, to come
And many hours of toil, in summer sun,
I shall see her face in every Spring
In every flower and living thing.

Farewell then, lovely raven
You see me not, you will never know
Of this love I have, this love, ignored
Will be mine, only, and now, I go.

By the Hermitage Bridge, Dunkeld.