Sitting on a bulldozerHaving fun on a bulldozer with the kids.
Sitting on wall with girlSitting on wall with girl
Bill and kidsAuthor’s father Bill Martin, (centre) at Abernyte School in 1930’s with - from left to right, little brother Harry, sister Alma and brother Dave.

My Father

During 1941, a young man, Bill Martin was ploughing a field by night. He witnessed Nazi bombers high overhead on their way to bomb Clydebank. This is the experience, which inspired ‘Ploughman’.
Bill Martin lived life as ‘a man of the land’, first as a Ploughman and in the following years as a forestry worker and a road builder. Bill helped to build the roads, which we all have travelled over, from Devon to the Scottish highlands.
When he died in 1990, his ashes were returned to the field from where he saw the bomber planes passing high above on their way to reduce a large area of Clydebank to rubble. This caused the deaths of many innocent men, women and children.
Ploughman painting
Joy Bird, March 2003. Oil on canvas. Commissions welcome.