For My Father

My best memories of you, are
Atop your machine, ciggie hanging from your lip,
The bulldozer's exhaust, belching flame,
A smile on your face, carving your name
Across the land.

Sculpture with a machine, you called it,
You held their roads in the palm of your hand
From Devon, to the highlands,
Your memorials stand.

Tarmac and diesel and your ancient beret,
The soil, you loved, with a ploughman's love
Like earth and the tiller, as old as time,
You were of the land, you were it's son,
Your machine, your sword, your skill, your gun,
You fought your fight, your battle was won.

Now, Willie, you have gone, to pastures new,
Your machine streaks the sky with fire,
Your pain is no more, start the engine,
Don your beret, wave and smile,
And light your ciggie, for one last mile.