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Copperhead: A collection of poems


A collection of poems
* Sorry book no longer available
By Scott Martin
Former newspaper van delivery boy Martin achieved justifiable fame when his poem ‘Ploughman’, won The Poem for Scotland prize. This described his father’s contribution to the war effort through the land rather than the bullet.

“I never thought he was the weaker,
In the face of brutality he never bowed down
And the boy, with the horse and the plough, entrusted,
ploughed his seed into the ground.”

In this brilliant collection Martin demonstrates that ‘Ploughman’ was no flash in the pan.  ‘Ken Whut, Mum’ alone is worth the price of this intense intelligent volume.” Brian Hennigan – Caledonia Magazine

“History, personal conflict, war and a distinct Scottish flavour, both mirthful and maudlin, are all conveyed in his work.” Simon Cox, Scottish Field

“(Ploughman) is a very powerful and moving poem.” Rt Hon Tony Benn – MP

“It (Ploughman) is an impressive work and I am not surprised that it won The Poem for Scotland.” Sir Paul Lever – British Ambassador – British Embassy – Berlin

“Very impressive.” John Hurt

“Tremendous.” Helen Mirren

“Ploughman is – simply brilliant.” Julie Walters

“I enjoyed it (Ploughman) very much.” Joan Bakewell

“I’ve read and re-read them with admiration,Ploughman is unbearably moving and powerful.” Joanna Lumley

“Impressed and inspired by the spirit and soul of Ploughman” Nguyen Trung Thanh, Minister – Counsellor, Vietnamese Embassy, London

“Ploughman is a very moving poem.” Antony Beevor – Author, Stalingrad