Eiffel Tower, Paris
Le Cafe Martin

Dark Bar Room

I wait for you in this dark room,
Engulfed in darkness, airless.
The clock, metronomic,
Marking time.

The bar man stands, silently
Eternally polishing a glass
The scowl, frozen upon his face.
His customers are long since gone,
Only he and I, wait for you
In this dark place.

Once, peals of laughter
Echoed around this room,
Now, only silence greets each new day.
Opening and closing, we wait
The bottles on the shelves
Are covered with cobwebs,
Glasses reflect pinpoints of light
And shadows, moving with the sun.

The dog is gone. I miss him,
For truly, his domain this was,
He knew every inch of this place
Its shabby furniture and faded lino
Held no mystery for him, but he,
Like his master and the drinkers
At the bar, are gone now,
Part of another time, only I remain
And the keeper of this place
Waiting, he and I, locked together
In some strange embrace
And still, we wait.

I am waiting still, our tryst to keep,
I cannot leave, I am not complete.
My love for you will hold me here
The captive, always dark and sad,
Midst crumbling walls and memories
Within my dreams of happier days,
My heart and my soul yearning for peace
Wanting to go, waiting for you
To take my hand, then we'll leave together
Forever, this place, we'll lift the scowl
From the bar man's face.