The Old Arcade, Shore terrace, Dundee.Photo courtesy of D C Thomson & Co Ltd
The Old Arcade, Shore Terrace, Dundee. Photo courtesy of D C Thomson & Co., Ltd.

Elegy For Childhood

Remember the parks and the little wynds,
Where, as children, we played
Our lives were full of youthful dreams,
Our ambitions and plans were laid.

Life seemed slow, so long ago,
And endless summers of sun.
The Shore Terrace baths
Were good for a laugh
As we ducked and dived and swam.

In the old arcade, there was lemonade,
Roasting chickens and toys,
And Champion, the wooden horse,
Gave rides for the girls and boys.

On Saturday, we made our way,
My parents, my brother, and me,
To Wallace's for bridies and fizzy drinks
And silver pots of tea.

We'd sit in the dark at the Forest Park
Watching the drama unfold,
On wooden seats that groaned and creaked,
These memories are made of gold.

On Balgay Hill, I found my thrill
The first kiss ever I took,
In that little park, just before dark,
Was like a page from a romance book.

Although they have gone and I've moved on,
In my memory they will always be,
Now and then they will flow from my pen
And once again I will see,
Those childhood places and the untied laces
And the little boy, that was me.