Cafe Martin, 1921 by Leonetto Cappiello Cafe Martin, 1921 by Leonetto Cappiello
Casino de Paris, Mistinguetti by Zig Casino de Paris, Mistinguetti by Zig.

February 14th

You are the love of my life,
Remembered in songs of yesterday.
Familiar lyrics, now much older
Lift the sadness from my shoulder.
Shadows of dark bar rooms and of fields
Where children will forever play.

I dreamed a dream of Paris, and you.
A pavement cafe, the Eiffel Tower,
My fantasy featured just we two
Our love would blossom like a flower.

You were the first real kiss I ever knew,
The love which moved this heart anew.
I saw the glory in your smile,
I'm grateful we walked, and loved awhile.

I dreamed a dream of the Champs Elysees,
We would stroll the boulevard, arm in arm,
Our lips would touch by the water fountains
And we would pledge our love by Notre-Dame.

You are the pain I will hold inside,
Your sorrow, deep and dark, so like my own,
Our days and nights became entwined
Our hopeless love was cruel and blind.

Now as I sit in my concrete castle
The flower has withered on the stem,
I dreamed a dream of Parisian sunshine
But these streets are grey in winter rain.

Now I watch from my breeze-block tower
The streets of grey rain down below,
The buses weave past, by the hour
But me, I have nowhere left to go.

You are the girl I will think of now,
My counterfeit window reflects the light
Of the empty street, where once, you walked
Your celluloid smile looking up,
Fading now, like lipstick on a mirror,
Because it's 5am and the dream is gone
I have woken, to another dawn.