Atlantic Star

Northern Star

I first met her in Sauchiehall Street,
That dark-headed Glesga lass.
Waited by St.Enoch Square, in the rain
For an hour, just to see her pass.
When she smiled, the traffic stopped
The city reflected her hair,
When she spoke, and answered, yes
Well, I could but only stare.

Argyl Street was just as busy
Though there were only but us two,
Lovers, weaving through the crowds,
And I silently pledged to walk with her
Forever, until our dreams come true.

For truly, I shall love her, always
Until my final breath,
And nothing shall part us, even then
Not this life, nor merely, death.

Lunchtimes we spent, together
Perched, at the cafes nippit tables,
A simple hour of sweet ecstacy
Will live, forever, in my memory,
A moment of perfection, timeless -
Priceless, the finest table in town,
Like the grass of Glesga Green
The most luxurious eiderdown.

The Scotsman's Umbrella became a friend
As it sheltered us from the rain,
I kissed her, in parting, in those final days
Heard the rumble of the train.
I held her close, never to let go,
Fearful that the moment should pass,
As sure as time and tide, I had to leave
My lovely Glesga lass.Navy blue.

No song could sing her beauty,
No poem describe her eyes,
No artist could paint that lovely vale
Where the wonderful songbird flies.

One day, when the peace is won,
We shall walk by Loch Lomond,
And laugh in the summer sun,
We shall forget this time of hardship
Together, and never a care
This dream I weave, with love
And a lock of your raven hair, held close
Always to my heart, truly I shall hold you there, my darling,
Never again to part.

Leaving the Clyde, the ensign is high
The white gulls screech, farewell
As we glide by.Gray ghost.
I whispered her name then, Dreamweaver,
For love is the anchor that holds this heart
Stronger than any steel chain,
Her beauty is the pilot, that steers the course
That will guide me home again, in dreams
If not in life, this course I weave,
Now, I take my leave, my lovely wife,
Forever and ever, you are
This sailors', Northern Star.

Dedicated to the memory of Charles McHardy, Submariner and Author, and to the men of the Royal and Merchant Navies, who fought, and died, in The Battle of The Atlantic - 1939-1943. And to those they left behind.