An Old Woman Remembers

An Old Woman Remembers

It's a long-long way from Lochee
To El Alamein, a place I will never see,
My laddie sleeps there now
And always will he remain,
Far away from Tipperary,
That's Tipperary, Lochee, Dundee,
In that single room where he was born
This auld heart will always be.

I never thought I would be so old,
Nor that red-headed bairn, eternally, so young.
What was it, the Minister said,
We shall remember them
At the going down of the sun, well
Not me, I will remember always
For my bairn he will always be,
Just a laddie from Tipperary,
That's Tipperary, Lochee, Dundee.

The army sent us all of his medals,
Father placed them over the fire,
Bonny colours the ribbons are too,
So easy to admire, but the brightest colour of all
Will always belong to me: the red-red hair
Of my Tipperary laddie,
That's Tipperay, Lochee, Dundee.

The laddie's who came home again,
Angus and Michael and Joe, well
They said that the end was painless
But only they will ever know.
They said that the desert was barren,
Just sand, as far as the eye could see,
Made them long for Tipperary,
That's Tipperary, Lochee, Dundee.

In 1918, I was just a lassie,
When father returned from war.
He never spoke very much at all
About the terrible things he saw.
Then years of unemployment;
Just the spinning-mill for me,
That was our lives in Tipperary,
That's Tipperary, Lochee Dundee.

For sure, I'm an auld woman now,
Sitting, grey, here in this chair,
But when I was a'courting
I had long dark raven hair.
They said I was a beauty, A blossom
All would agree, an Irish rose from Tipperary,
That's Tipperary, Lochee, Dundee.

I have heard all of the speeches about heroes,
Grand eulogies of bravery across the sea,
From the politicians and the great and good,
Well now, here's one fae me;
When my time has come, I will see my son
And together once more we shall be,
For he waits for me tonight, in Tipperary,
Meh Tipperary, that's Tipperay, Lochee, Dundee.

In memory of a lassie from Tipperary.