Industrial Landscape
Home From Mill Paintings by L. S. Lowry

Remember A Day

I remember how it was to be ten,
Running an errand
With battered message bag and note,
For five Bristols and a bag of sugar,
PS, keep the change, that's what Mum wrote.

The Hawkhill was a fleet of awnings,
Like ships in sail, before they were blown away
And little shops displayed their treasures
As I wandered past, that day.

Traversed the Blue-Mountains, by old Westport
Then headed up Scourinburn,
Saw Kelbie's and Brady's shop
Watched green and white buses turn.

Heard noisy mills at Mitchell Street
Where a brooding classroom waited
With monday's desks, in disciplined lines
And the leather belt we hated.

I walked that way, just the other day
To seek, as if I could find,
The ten-year old who was so bold
Whom I had left behind,
But he had gone, though I heard his song
And saw his shadow pass,
On a cobbled street where memories meet
Midst the neon and the glass.