Rose Rose, Mitchell Street School, 1931

Number Three, Rose Lane

Rosie lived in Rose Lane
These four-score years, and ten,
At number three, two up
Her and uncle Len.
Always full of mischief
A child, despite her years
With stories and gentle wisdom
She banished all our fears.

Remembering my first leave,
As a soldier, barely sixteen
We held a mini march-past
In the backyard drying green,
And laughed at the nonsense of it
Whilst remembering the past,
Of the child I was, gone forever
Because life marches by, so fast.

The house is empty, now
The laughter and mischief are gone,
The windows are grimed with neglect
And the lights are never on.
For Rosie is no more, now
As life will pass away,
And the dawn will come, a'creeping
To announce another day.

The song birds sing now, in the eaves
The breeze is gentle,
It caresses the rustling leaves.
Now the chorus joins together
United in farewell song,
For Rosie is gone now,
Wonderful Rosie is gone.