The High Street, Edinburgh
The High Street, Edinburgh.


We shall meet on The Royal Mile, he said

We shall meet on The Royal Mile
He said, right at the very top,
We shall walk the length of The Mile
He said, and laugh, we'll never stop.

We'll wander the lanes and the wynds
He said, and take a drink or two,
We shall kiss and rekindle our dreams
He said, and pledge our love anew.

We shall hear the jingle-jangle
He said, as the old piano plays,
Hear those tunes we grew to love, he said
In those youthful, long ago days.

We shall pause for a moment,
To catch our breath, then carry on,
Until we stand once more, before the door,
To greet them all again.

For nothing can stop us now, he said
Not time, nor merely death, yes,
We'll meet at the top of The Mile
He said, remember our tryst, to keep.
And we shall walk the length of The Mile, he said
Aye, right from the very top,
Through every lane and wynd, he said
And laugh, we'll never stop.

For Jeannie and Don, Edinburgh, Tuesday,
2 June, 2009.