Twist and Shout album cover by the Beatles Twist and Shout - The Beatles.
City road streetsign City Road, Dundee.
Scott with cat Scott with cat.
Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee.
The Kiss by Gustay Klimt
The Kiss by Gustay Klimt.

First Year School Dance

Hiding in the toilets
We huddled in the smoke,
Affecting curled-lip poses
As we shared a nervous joke.
We heard the tinny Dansette
Play the scratchy tunes we knew,
Not children, nor yet men
But somewhere between the two.

Condemned we stood, us boys
Like soldiers, before an attack
Unwilling to go forward
Unable to go back.
Staring at the girls, dressed
In painful shoes and frocks
Doll's faces caked with make-up
And laquered curly locks.

We watched in disbelief
As a pimply youth strode out,
To dance with Maggie Rattray
As the Beatles sang 'Twist and Shout'.
They moved in the arena
The acne and agony dance
An Ivanhoe in a thirty bob suit
Seeking something called romance.

But soon we all were dancing
In a whirl of crisps and cokes
No one wanted to smoke anymore
Or laugh at crummy jokes.
Our nerves has gone, we twisted on,
I danced with Maureen Hall
And held her close and fell in love
Beneath the glitter ball.

Much later when we walked home
Sharing a fumbled kiss
We were Romeo and Juliet,
Entwined like snakes
Beneath the gas-lamp's hiss.
But her father appeared, like magic
Before I could make a date
My hesitation had cost me dear
And now, it was too late.

I walked alone, down City Road
Seeking solace in a bag of chips,
Still, it seemed a shame
When the vinegar came
Because it stole the taste of her lips.