The poem has been translated into Scottish Gaelic, French, German and Arabic.
Many other translations are currently in progress.
The poem has also been accepted by many schools in Scotland and is a part of the Curriculum in Munich – Germany.

St Andrews University Shield

Registrar of St Andrews University

October 2000 - Registrar of St Andrews University David J. Corner.
Right – centre front – Jean Murphy of Mennies Bar, Dundee.


A small selection of venues where Ploughman, A Poem for Scotland is either displayed or accepted for the archives.

The Writer’s and Artist’s Museum, Lady Stairs Close, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Scotland’s National War Museum, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh.

Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye. 
Aberdeen Town House.
Dundee City Chambers.
Dunblane Cathedral.
Embassies of France, Spain, Bosnia–Herzegovina.
Westminster Cathedral, London.
House of Commons Members’ Library, London.
Cologne and Dresden Cathedrals, Germany.
The Oradour Memorial Centre, Oradour, France.
The Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews.
Buckingham Palace, London.
The University Of Dundee Chaplaincy Library.